Jolly Good Fellows

My programming partner is curled up into a ball on the spare mattress, and I’m wondering what the hell I’ll do next year when all my friends graduate. Intellectualism, meet loneliness.

I love being back on campus mainly for my friends. Completely cracked though they are, we operate on similar values, and that’s such a wonderful thing, in this amorphous country.

Today I remembered again why I love them. Because when I walked home with my programming partner’s stay-awake drug of choice (doubleshot), she arrived at my doorstep with mine (mocha). Because we throw blankets on each other and keep spare pillows around for unexpected debugging stay-overs. Because we text each other all the time to keep ourselves sane through five day programming marathons. Because we scold each other for not eating enough, or sleeping late (and then the scolder does the exact same thing two seconds later). Because we make stupid jokes about our homework and get angry and then cheer each other up.

And then my other sets of friends – dinners with long and mostly pointless conversations, mass procrastination and then article uploading sessions, random ridiculous online conversations, meetings and planning things.

This is exactly what I wanted in college. I don’t know what I’m going to do when they leave, frankly.

One thought on “Jolly Good Fellows

  1. it’s what i miss most about hopkins 😦 ps. you d bet interested to know that my drug of choice is also a mocha! black and white to be specific.. try one if you havent already.

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