My trusty little earphones were sacrificed to a noble cause last week as we tested out our music-producing microcontroller (we played Toss the Feathers (, by the way, which sounded remarkably non-horrendous. Even our TA seemed to really like it; anyway we got full credit (yes, that really is how much my life revolves around this class)).

In either case they started behaving in that erratic manner that any real music addict dreads to hear, and are pretty near to giving up the ghost. But today I went to get some new ones.

How fantastic it is to listen to proper music that you don’t have to coax out of a music player that’s held gingerly at a 35 degree angle to the vertical??

*pets new earphones*

Edit, Oct 14: Three days after the new earphones, my mp3 player has died. Why, universe? Why?

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