Missing the Mark, Many Times

I just wrote a review of Rahman’s Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa on this magazine that I  help edit. The review wasn’t entirely complimentary – although I need to stress how much I totally revere Rahman’s genius – but the comments literally leap over the boundary between ‘disagree’ and ‘disgusted’.

This is the worst ever review i ever heard (perhaps you meant ‘read’). My humble request is Please listen to the songs properly before posting your review. You will be realising that your review is completely wrong shortly (funny, I was under the impression that listening to music is a subjective experience). Before the film release itself, songs are chart-busters not only in tamil nadu, (so are dappangutthu songs -> aren’t the pinnacle of musical creativity) but to suprise whole india (if you meant the whole of India was surprised, then yes, maybe). If you see the reviewers of VTV album, most of them are non-tamilians. This is a classic example of how much impact this album has made all over india (if you get paid to write nice things about Rahman, that’s probably what happens). Better luck for your review next time (and the same for your English).

If VTV sounds dissapointing…am sure if author listens to Roja for 1st time now (assuming author never listened to Roja before) he/she would feel the same… (did you see the name above before you bothered commenting? I’m female. Thanks. Also, Roja was a classic because it put together musical techniques like no one else had done before. That’s what Rahman is famous for, not mass-produced commercial crap, which VTV is skewed towards) If the author is really a good comprehender of music… I would like to ask a few question about VTV songs notes/beats/vibes thru my email… but who knows.. (true, who knows if I’d have the patience to respond.)

Internet has bcom like compound walls of a railway station where you see any person writing anyting he wishes and pasting any nuisance. (sir, the only thing that is a nuisance is your lack of English skills. And how the hell do you paste nuisance? Also, for the last time, I’m female.)

You know what I’m really annoyed by? The complete lack of anything resembling grammar, or coherent sentence structure. It’s like adding insult to injury.

I’ve learned music for a while, so I’m not entirely stupid about it. But the more important thing is that I never listen to music without thinking about it. I don’t mean that I want to work to love a song, although I’m willing to give Rahman multiple tries. It’s just that:

a) This is a music review,  not a rigorous scientific analysis. If I don’t like it, and believe me, I’ve tried, then I don’t like it. It’s honestly not necessary to agree with me.

b) I’ll respect your view that you love all of Rahman’s music, even if I don’t agree with it. But I won’t insult you. It’d be nice if you did the same for me.

c) I explained why I didn’t like each and every song, and I also laid out why I did like several of them. If my commenters had actually read the review instead of selectively looking at things like “detracts”, “made little impression”, and “nice”, (none of which are even that derogatory), I’d honestly appreciate their views more.

My friend N and I were talking about this last night. His said these people tended to “make a rediff comment board type comment”. I agreed and said they were wasting valuable magazine comment space. So really, I refuse to get more annoyed.

I am, however, quite amused.

4 thoughts on “Missing the Mark, Many Times

  1. Sir i am deeply on the offense that you insult the generousness people who took time to commentate on ur article. It is graciousnesss that definition of humanz who are like the gods and women gods. So please say sorry apologies to your fans and non-fans, thank you sir. Regards, kaazam.

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