You Know You’re In College When

The latter half of this week has been interesting. Also… Interesting.

Thursday night we (Y, V, Sy, Z and me) had a nightmare of a paper due – not because it was hard or anything, but because we’re quite terrible at writing papers. Maybe I should just say abjectly unlucky, because even after two consultations with the writing TA (in which we took apart every instruction and bullet point), we were up proofreading very, very late. In fact, I finally went to bed at 5 am – but not after several hours of highly inappropriate online conversations and a renewed appreciation of David Guetta (no, really).

We were all up at 8.30 am the next day, and of course, professors being what they were, Z and I had a programming assignment and homework due that evening. After skipping my discrete class (#1 class skippage) to work on the paper, both of us gave con-dis-sys a miss (#2 class skippage) to work on the program  (Z tells me that if we skipped class to work on something due for the class, it’s not really wrong). The funny thing was that we figured out, after wrestling with the program in between two other classes, that we’d gotten the right answer three hours ago.

I went home feeling a lot better that we actually submitted something, before remembering that I had a career fair to go to the next day. Somebody plans these things, I don’t know how or why. I went in feeling fairly confident, with a bunch of resumes and a list of companies which the career center assured me ‘accepted international students’. Except they – and I – made the following basic logic error:

Accepts international students OR accepts undergraduate students for internship =/= accepts international undergraduate students.

I came away with a few options, though, so I might just get down to work tomorrow morning.

The really…Interesting part of the week was that evening, actually. My good friend A persuaded me to go downtown with a bunch of people – for, of all things. bhangra nights. This is apparently a UT Indian crowd tradition, which would explain why hordes of people turn up despite the crappy DJ (something even I could attest to at the end of the night).

A (and N, for that matter) have been trying to persuade me for about three years now (I actually am that stubborn). But since otherfriendN and V came down for Thanksgiving and we wandered around 6th for a while, the general terror of the place had worn off. So, two days ago, A finally played his best card: emotional blackmail.

A: u r nvr gg dtown with us r u?

me: hahah
(that’s) my devious and dastardly plan

A: cos things r gg to get busier as the sem progresses
and then u’ll hav more excuses not to go
k up to u
but it wld be cool if u went just once

So now I had to do it. And against all odds, I had a great time.

About the first person we met was a mutual friend, pretty much drunk by that time, who insisted on buying all of us shots. His argument for my drinking one: “in here you’re editor-in-chief of absolutely nothing which means no one needs to listen to you so just drink the damn shot“. I later found out that a Kamikaze is one of the mildest ones. Name-fail.

I even ended up dancing – still not sure how much of a success that was, but I’m told that in a room that dark no one’s going to care, and no one will remember. I do know that I had a huge smile on my face for the next one and a half hours, so something must have gone right. And I have to say that it is a hell of a lot of fun to randomly jump around to songs that you’ve always enjoyed – Desi Girl, Ahun Ahun and the totally classic Mundiya Tu Bach Ke (about the only good things the DJ played while we were there). The best thing was that this entire group made sure no one ended up dancing with strange individuals (although a couple tried). I sort of love these people for taking care of each other.

We all got back by 3 am, and I got asked about fifty times if I’d be up to coming downtown with them next time. I have to admit, a major portion of my anxiousness was that if I went with them I’d be a wet blanket. Clearly that didn’t happen, so I might be up to another experiment 😀

I woke up at 10.30, still feeling cheerful, and then went to play badminton. Definitely should’ve taken advantage of a badminton court the past two years, but oh well – I have three more semesters! I think this is going to become a Saturday staple: badminton, lunch, food coma.

Basically, excellent weekend.

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