The last two weeks have been a bit …unnecessary. In between bombing a test (yesterday), staying up until 4 doing  a report (last Thursday), and hurting my right shoulder, I also somehow managed to mess up my laptop charger so much that it stopped charging my laptop. Then I tried ordering a new one. Then I got the wrong one. Then I tried ordering the right one. Then HP messed up my orders, told me my credit card couldn’t be processed, and still charged me four times, cleaning out my credit balance. Then I finally got that cleared up and got a new one 10 minutes ago.

See? Unnecessarily dramatic.

I had originally intended to write a witty post about how bad these last two weeks were, and how insane election time at UT Austin is (people defecting! people violating election codes! people failing to pay fines!) and how I finally bit the bullet and straightened my hair using a pair of superheated tongs (they’re called straighteners, funnily enough), and why Macs are so hard to use.

But I’m far too sleepy, so all that will have to wait.

Happy Friday!


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