It’s daylight savings. We’ve lost one glorious hour of sleep and I’m not  particularly happy about this. And currently, I’m staring at the butt of a boy. A remarkably un-selfconscious boy. Who, incidentally, is also 2 years old.

Nephew #1 has been given a careful oiling in prep for his special Sunday bath and is running around the house marvelously naked. He’s also watching something called Colors, which is one of those certified make-your-toddler-smarter type of preschool videos. They’re quite likely the most insane videos I’ve seen in my life.  Demented little shapes cartwheel around the screen while a squeaky voice yells “Purple! Purple. Purple. Purple!”

Then I spent a little bit of time holding the younger one, Nephew #2. He arrived just over a month ago, so he’s obviously still trying to get used to the world in general. Every now and then he has a habit of staring speculatively off into the distance. This is a bit misleading because like all babies his age, he has about five things on his mind at any one time: eat, sleep, poop, pee, cry.

In the evening #2 is going to be shoved into the same yellow babypotamus outfit that his brother wore when he came to visit Austin a while back. I held #1 in my lap for a good half an hour or so while he babbled happily at me, so we’ll see if #2 has any intention of doing the same thing 🙂

Edit: oh my god, I’ve missed decent Indian (to be annoyingly precise: Tamil Brahmin Iyer) food. I just had multiple helpings of potato curry. My spring break is complete.


Edit: Have just managed to figure out some of Newphew #2’s motivations. He appears to be an insomniac: most newborns sleep 20 hours or so, he gets by splendidly on 10. So when he’s not sleeping, he’s making interested noises and, apparently, practicing his kickboxing skills. When he’s hungry, he’s straightforward about it – he starts crying on a rising scale, eventually resulting in a full-throated “waaahhh!” It’s like one of those Harry Potter tents – a larger lung capacity inside than is immediately visible from outside of a body that’s as long as my forearm. When he’s about to perform some other bodily function, however, there’s a sequence – he becomes very quiet and docile; then his face slowly gets redder than a fire engine; then some kind of deeply embarrassing noise is emitted from his nether regions; then he starts looking very pleased with himself.

Right now, he’s bundled up into some kind of blue swaddle thing and is cocooned within a comforter while the rest of the house is off doing other things. I know it’s an evolutionary urge and whatnot – this tendency to have round faces and big eyes that charm the crap out of you – but he looks so cute and peaceful, his little baby chest rising and falling in sleep, that I don’t really care to analyze it.


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