Birthday, Father’s Day

“It’s just a set of Parker pens,” my mum said sternly. “We can’t keep getting you MP3 players every birthday.” I tore into the wrapping paper anyway (double-wrapped, it would be, mum did it).

Except it wasn’t Parker pens, of course. It was a shiny new iPod Nano, the result of one casual query – “Listen, if you’re going to get me something for my birthday, can it be an MP3 player? Mine’s falling apart” – that my mum had, of course, pooh-poohed. Which meant that my dad went out for a “quick swim” that was apparently an iPod purchasing mission.

In the morning, my brother and I will be racing to metaphorically dismantle the Nano and see what it can do. But in the meantime I’m going to go to bed with a huge smile on my face, cos my family’s awesome.

photo courtesy

Edit: A while back I went walking with my dad. We only went to buy groceries, but apparently my father can’t remember having ever walking so fast. Considering that it’s my dad who first got me out of the sofa and made me take up briskwalking, that’s a pretty huge deal. I know I thought my dad was the most amazing person when I was younger. But the thing is, even when I’ve learned he’s not perfect, he’s still awesome. Happy Father’s Day, dad 🙂


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