Super Singer Junior 2

My mother has gotten me addicted to this show called Super Singer Junior 2. Named with typical Indian cheerful clumsiness, this show is phenomenal. Or rather, the kids are. It’s over now and my personal favourite singer won, but each of them is pretty amazing in their own right.


I don’t know how old this kid is, but by god, he’s got a voice. That’s not saying much at this stage of the competition, but his voice is absolutely suited for the kind of melody thing that Bollywood churns out in quantities. His voice hasn’t broken yet but when it does, he’ll be a real force to reckon with.


At first I wasn’t particularly impressed with her, except for the fact that she was hugely popular and seriously adorable. She’s one of those people whom the camera just loves, and she dances nearly as well as she sings. But then she belted out Jillunu Or Kadhal and I was kind of… lost.


Shravan is one of those people who looks like absolutely nothing at all until his opens his mouth. What a voice. It sounds incredibly mature and he’s got an excellent Carnatic training on top of everything else as well. At first he tended to stick to the classical melodies, but then he really blossomed towards the end of the competition, singing everything from rock to melodies to village songs.


Alka was my favourite right from the first. It’s just pure joy listening to her; she works so hard most of the time that it’s like listening to the original recording. She actually got into the Guinness Book of World Records because she can sing fluently in 11 languages (including Chinese and Arabic). She’s completely a professional singer, and she doesn’t even understand a word of Tamil; she’s Malayalee. This rendition of Singara Velane, which is ridiculously hard to sing, won her a standing ovation from the judges.

And she won SSJ2  🙂 I’m actually sad that this series ended because it was so brilliant seeing all of them develop their voices and get feedback from the most prominent singers in the industry.

If SSJ3 starts I’m going to be glued to the television for sure.


2 thoughts on “Super Singer Junior 2

  1. was watching ssj2 today with my mom. she was telling me about how she voted for everyone ‘ellarum avalavu nalla paadinanga, so ellarukkum vote pottaen’.

    nice new template btw!

    1. hahah true true, they are all amazing singers. were you rooting for anyone?

      and thank you! i tried to change themes like 5 billion times and then i realized the simplest one probably would probably work out the best 😛

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