Yesterday WordPress decided to pull a Livejournal on me and deleted my entire rambly post when I tried to publish it. You’d think the need to rant would’ve gone away when the words were down, but apparently I am also narcissistic. So here I am, writing again.

This was going to be a rambly post because it’s made up of several disconnected observations:

  • Singapore MUST STOP USING THE @ SIGN FOR EVERYTHING. Like, The Nanos@Biopolis, which is apparently a respected bioengineering research center. Nanos is bad enough. Biopolis is really pushing it. And then the @ sign. Enough.
  • Also, I know this has been pointed out three zillion times before, but what is up with the acronyms? NTUC. PIE. AYE. NICA. UPS. DBS. YUP (Youths United by Passion – okay, that, the acronym’s much better.) Oy. Stop.
  • One last gripe. I do respect this place where I’m working, and I really am glad I have this job. But it’s clear sometimes why this newspaper just isn’t one of the world’s best or anything. There are some quite senior writers here (that’s where I’m installed, the senior writers area) who write about pretty pointless things – like how one of them finally got married and how another is a compulsive Mover. The first barely made me feel any sympathy or joy – it was so tepid – and the second was pretty damn pointless, further worsened by the psuedo-psychobabble that was referenced in that article. Hah, I know, let’s see how well I do when it’s time to write, but I don’t get it – why would senior writers be required to submit vague articles like this? Given the standards of their usual output, why does this happen?
  • One of the best things about this job is that if I knock off around 5.45, I get to drive back home with my dad. I should really write a whole post or something about him, because he’s kind of awesome – he reminds me of Atticus from To Kill A Mockingbird, who was my favourite character. But basically the point is, (unlike with me and Sriram, with whom I have abstract discussions about the nature of knowledge) my dad and I have really nice discussions about current events and politics and all this sort of thing. I’m going to miss that when I go back to Austin 😦

In other news, my face has suddenly declared a Pimple Performance Month, and several members of the troupe have refused to pack up and leave. I have been quite stern and have used various methods but I am basically confused – no stress, no hormonal imbalance. Now I’m resorting to metaphors to exercise my annoyance.

But we like to end off on a good note. So this is what my brother does everyday when he sees me:

funny pictures of cats with captions



Edit: Conversation between me and my dad –

Dad: You know, it drives me mad the way they treat this confidentiality thing. Do you know, someone has to actually walk around the office at 6 pm to make sure we have “clean desks” – that is, no one leaves anything incriminating out?

Me: Gosh, really?

Dad: Yes! And it’s not as though it makes sense – if you were someone coming in to steal, you’d steal the more valuable things, not these jargon-y documents no one understands. Or, if it was an inside job, all you’d have to do is wait til after work. Everyone locks their stuff away, but you can just walk around and figure out what to open and steal from.

Me:… so you’ve given this a lot of thought, eh?

Dad: (oblivious) Yes, it’s hard for me to not show contempt for these [logistics] people, sometimes.

Oh, dad. I love you.


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