Yes, this deserves a post by itself.

Actually, to be honest, I should’ve posted about Memento and The Prestige as well, because they were both nearly as fantastic as Inception. As noted before, Christopher Nolan has apparently never made a bad film in his life.

My brother and I went to see  the movie (and he was the best possible person for me to have seen it with) and afterwards, we literally missed our stop on the train because we were talking about it so intently. This is a movie that deserves to be watched multiple times.

Spoilers are under the cut because I can’t not talk about this. But before that, two things that I said to V while during our post-Inception conversation:

– The movie experience itself felt like a dream. Sriram and I went inside, chattering away and munching popcorn, and eventually we were glued to the seats, disregarding food and iced Milo, completely transfixed to the screen. When we went in, it was 5.30 pm. When we emerged, it was 8 pm, and it honestly felt … somehow longer and shorter. And this commentary suggests that Nolan was subtly breaking the fourth wall, that he wanted to perform his own inception on our minds with the idea that reality is subjective.

– Christopher Nolan isn’t a genius for making Inception. That is, he’s not a genius for solely that reason. He’s also a genius for making Hollywood sit up and consider the notion that moviegoers are not uniformly stupid. Because this movie, as complex, challenging and potentially depressing as it is, is making major bucks. It’s number 1 at the US box office returns.

And one more thing: it really doesn’t matter how much or little you want to read into this movie or how intelligent you are; you’ll still take away a wonderful cliffhanger from it. This movie can be read as a character study, a sci-fi exploration, a mystery, a work of art.

Or, splendidly, all of the above.

3 thoughts on “Inception

  1. SO one of my friends very brilliantly pointed out that perhaps Hollywood and the masses noticed Inception because it was preceded by big banner movies like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Thoughts?

    Also, I just watched it for a second time today! And totally worth the second viewing. And found the song that plays during the kick – Edith Piaf’s Je Ne Regrette Rien:

    1. (I just realised that this damn “more” tag DID NOT WORK and all the smart things I said were swept away into internet wasteland!!!)

      That… is a very interesting proposition – the Batman and Dark Knight thing. That sort of makes it feel that Nolan tried his hand at intelligent action movies, and then decided to cut out the chase sequences and do something even more intelligent. That makes a lot of sense though seriously.

      There was a pretty stupid article in Life a couple days back that talked about how confusing Inception was. About how Nolan just loves confusion, because the dreams levels are “a rainy street, an anti-gravity hotel room, and an ice fortress. seriously, an ice fortress??” And I was like… are you serious? I mean, I have sympathy for people who were confused, but really would it hurt you to twist your brain around and make it WORK for two seconds before complaining that it wasn’t your usual summer blockbuster?

      Sriram and I actually considered writing in to him. But then we realised it would’ve been a waste of our time 🙂

      By the way, that song is lovely – it’s so strange because that loveliness starts sounding so… portentous during the movie! But I really liked the way the music plays loudly in real-world and then in the dream-world starts filtering in as vague echoes. Why do you think Nolan chose that one?

      Also, I need your opinion. For some reason, I found Joseph Gordon-Levitt incredibly attractive. Especially when he’s taking apart the freaky projections in the zero-g hotel corridor. I mean, guy in a three-piece, shooting intently at The Other Bad Guys… it’s kind of… hot. Yes? No?

      1. Ugh, of course Life would run an article like that. How ridiculous! You and Sriram really should have written in 😛

        So I’m not sure why exactly he chose the song, but it could be because Marion Cotillard played Edith Piaf in an earlier film! Isn’t it so interesting that it’s Mol’s character’s music that wakes them up??

        Joseph Gordon-Levitt is… very dapper. Great outfits. It’s difficult for me to find him attractive because he’s seared on my mind as the cute little teenager from 10 Things I Hate About You, and I feel a little pervy ogling him. But if you do not have such mental associations, TOTALLY understandable! 😀

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