Goodbye, ST!

That was actually an awful lot of fun, despite the waking up at 7 am and the not-so-great pay and the general intimidation that comes with working at the senior writers’ area.

I got to talk to some seriously interesting people – one of my favourite profiles was of a drily witty, intensely quotable Professor who makes biofuel out of algae. Apparently his dad was a doctor and he had a choice of medicine or engineering. But his dad figured he “had too little sympathy for human beings to be a doctor,” so he went on to do chemical engineering. You could basically take his interview, transcribe it, and write up a profile just verbatim. He was that good, honestly.

It’s also interesting seeing huge chunks of data being smooshed down into tiny bite of an article. Literally we’d interview about fifteen people, get their life stories, go back to HQ, and pick a line from each to quote in the story, as was appropriate.

So today we had a “farewell tea”, which was slightly embarrassing because no one actually knows or cares who I am. The other intern – or SuperIntern, as I like to refer to him; he is a returning scholar and frighteningly good at an alarming number of things – is only leaving next Tuesday, but obviously it’s silly to do two different ones for each of us. But the tea contained everything except that beverage – there was juice, muffins, cake, four types of pizza including veggie (which came with an ikan bilis topping*) and kueh.

Our very sweet admin lady (aka the Person Who Knows Everything) wrapped up some stuff to give me, so now my brother has some of the loot too.

A pretty satisfactory week, I must say. I’ve no idea what the story will look like once it’s done, or how many people are going to be out for my blood about the slant we’ve taken, but it was certainly fun while it lasted.

And tomorrow: I shall wake up at ten am! Muahaha!

*What were they thinking?! That we veg people would suddenly look at it and go oh my god, what are we missing, we must smother our mushrooms and capsicums with dried fish?

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