30 Hours to Austin

Currently I am alternating between that frustrated/resigned/choked-up leaving feeling, and a vague hopefulness that my last year in school will go well, mixed up with the usual knowledge that I’ll be pretty much independent again when I get back to Austin.

Every time I’m about to come back to Singapore I make a mental checklist of the things I want to do. This time some of it came true:

  • Go out a lot with T and H (we may have met fortnightly, at one point)
  • Go out for movies with my brother (Despicable Me, Inception)
  • Watch my brother perform on the violin (now he has a diploma, yeah!)
  • Be gainfully employed (June 28 to Aug 13; the Jurassic era of newspaper publishing!)
  • Laze around a lot (May 17 to June 28)
  • Eat a lot
  • Eat a lot of ice cream (Swensen’s, thrice)
  • Meet up simultaneously with all three of The Gang in Singapore (M’s self-declared one week holiday)

And on the other hand, things I did not get to do:

  • Eat more local food, in my quest to be a true-blue Singaporean (without the accent/Singlish)
  • Do many exciting things with my brother, like we did in Perth (although we did have a heated discussion about Inception and got lost on the way to a building literally 2 mins from an MRT station)
  • Work on my thesis (I read a lot of sci fi… but I don’t think that counts)
  • Work on my programming abilities (I definitely didn’t finish that Tetris game)
  • Go running (I’m barely keeping up with the current walking schedule)
  • Take more pictures of The Gang and my family (what, we have a camera?)

At this point, there is also a lot of oh-missed-opportunities-ing and where-did-those-three-months-go-ing, but I am trying to focus on the cool new schoolbooks I will be getting, and on the faint hope that one day my brother will come down to the US for his further studies.

I think I am expected to give my profs something for my thesis. Am abandoning that in favour of watching Mythbusters with the brother.

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