To Late Nights, Pt 2

Choice quotes from the evening/early morning of the 10th/11th:

Mri: “My eggs are dying! I’m dying! I’m 23 and I’m OLD!”
Of the group of about 5 or 6 near her, at least three of us were, in fact, older than her.

(Pointing to me) “Look at this girl, she’s so civilized and decent. Quiet, unlike you rowdy girls.”
“… yes, that’s because she doesn’t understand Hindi.

“Dude, no. Cigarettes, you smoke those outside, okay? Strictly out of doors. Pot inside the house, that’s fine. Cigarettes, no.”
It’s nice to know some people are so solicitous of others’ health.

Saturday, Zig came over! For barely an hour, since she wanted to drive to San Antonio before dark, and we sat on my bed talking about Japanese craziness, strange boys and the awesomeness of fiction. One day, soon, we will actually hang out for real.

And today I went to see L Subramaniam for $15, which sounds mercenary, but may I point out that he is, as IFA calls it, a Living Legend and that this was a superb opportunity. Besides the blinding virtuosity of the man, it was also great to talk to Gsj about Carnatic music in general. It’s astonishing how many things come back to you (also, for once, I actually felt marginally better informed than VJ re: music, which is not something I would ever take for granted).

I couldn’t decide if L Subramaniam’s playing style compliments the music or the instrument – he obviously treats the violin like an extension of his brain and fingers (I would like to suggest that he would make an amazing pickpocket), but I am beginning to think that his phenomenal speed isn’t the best way of showcasing the raaga itself. As Gsj says, LS said in the beginning of the concert that playing a raaga is not simply playing scales – and yet that was roughly like what he was doing, essentially.

But besides all that, it was wonderful to be able to listen to such a wonderful violinist. There was Kalyani, Nattai, and many others which I wish I could’ve identified.

Another very satisfying weekend.


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