Today, I confirmed that my phone has an “I love you too” template. For the uninitiated, this means you have a template in your phone which you can use to send a text to your special someone, reassuring them that all is hunky-dory on the romance front.

I wonder who came up with this smart idea.

Also, I have been wondering about the name of one of my colleagues. When I was first introduced to him, I was told his name was AJ, so I automatically assumed he was Western/Caucasian. Of course, he turned out to be desi and “Ajay”, which depresses me no end.

Is Ajay really that hard to pronounce compared to AJ? It’s just a slight difference in inflection in one of the syllables! But given that my name – which has 3 syllables and which pretty much rolls off the tongue – is so hard to pronounce, maybe I understand what he’s going through. Maybe.

What’s really worrying is my reaction. Am I so influenced by the fact that I don’t like him very much that I have to pick on his name? Am I such a horrible intolerant person that I can’t understand why he would like to accommodate the American inability to pronounce names correctly? Why am I making judgments about his desi-ness or his lack of it, based on his name description? And, most importantly, why does he do it and why do I care?

Maybe I should just make friends with him and then broach the question. I MUST KNOW.

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