Actually I do have a Thanksgiving post lined up, but nothing inspires me to procrastinate so much as studying for a programming final. You’d think, since it’s the only one I have, that I’d at least be inspired to try harder.

No such luck.

I can make a case for greater stress = greater productivity, but coffee enters the equation stealthily somewhere and then I lose track.

The answer to the question “Why the hell am I blogging?!” has probably got to do with “want nothing to do with 0’s or 1’s”. We have a chance to get a regrade on a lab that was just phenomenally bad, but the TA wants to see it tomorrow at noon and we didn’t realize we had so much to get done. Just when we thought we’d wrapped everything up!

And to compound the misery, both my laptop battery and my charger have given up the ghost. I am surviving on the check-out laptops from the FAC, which besides being cold and impersonal are not exactly pristine either e.g. the mouse has multiple personality disorder and believes it is somewhere else across the screen at sudden and inopportune moments.

I’m cranky at exam time. Snark is my only defence.


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