Westward, Ho!

A few weeks ago I took a life-changing decision: I bought a one-way ticket to San Jose, California, where I am about to be a code monkey for a large and probably terrifyingly complicated software company. And now I’m actually here, awaiting the delivery of 11 boxes (enough to stop a UPS man in his tracks — literally) of my stuff, now that I no longer live in Austin.

I don’t think it’s sunk in yet. I keep thinking I’ll wake up the next day and call up a couple friends and we’ll go for dinner on the Drag or something. Although really, the place I’m in right now is a little bit amazing. There are any number of convenience stores nearby, with a big shopping mall including Trader Joe’s, which I raided today. My work is a leisurely 20 minutes’ walk away. And in this weather, which hasn’t hit 100 yet, that’s going to be perfectly doable at 8 in the morning. That’s one thing about the weather that’s absolutely amazing — it’s about 20F less insane than Austin, and at night it actually gets slightly chilly. I imagine I will be collecting a bunch of jackets in the course of the next few months.

And if you step out of the apartment, what you see are these:

Yup. Those are mountains in the distance.

And just in case I don’t find enough to do with my time:

Barnes and Noble. That’s right. And it’s not the only bookstore in the vicinity! *gloats*

And of course, when I stepped outside the apartment to investigate the Balcony Door to Nowhere, I discovered that the gentleman and his granddaughter downstairs were — of course — Tamil. I was only surprised that I was surprised at all, seeing as about half of California is composed of South Indians.

Think they’ll feed me if I make friends with them?
























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