So far the only certain thing about my living situation is that a) I have a place to sleep and b) I have been approved to stay there until October. I really, really hate moving (who doesn’t?) and this is a hugely convenient location, but I am not a fan of separate laundry rooms. I have no desire to have strangers peeking at my unmentionables.

Part of my Plan therefore is to see if I like this place, and to make enough friends at work to decide on an alternative living arrangement. The making friends thing will be the hardest part.

Other parts of my plans are as follows:

1. Enjoy work. I don’t know if this actually possible but this is an amazing chance to learn as much web technology as possible. I might as well take advantage of that.

2. Read for knowledge. Fiction has always been my thing, my escape and my main purpose for reading. I’ve realized I needed to change that, especially since whenever I read the news it’s more of “Oh! I think I know what he’s referring to! I read something about…. something related to this in…. someone’s article” and a lot less of “Oh look I am grasping these facts accurately”. Not knowing things really does piss me off, but that urge is neatly balanced by my absolute laziness. So what I’m going to do is to read non-fiction. A lot of it. I hope I can make it through a book every fortnight. I keep coming across interesting books to read, like one on the history of salt, and another of Diamond’s called Collapse (he’s the guy behind Guns, Germs and Steel, which I really enjoyed). Also I desperately need a history of science type of book. I need recommendations, honestly. Or a biography of Leonardo da Vinci.

3. Volunteer. I like the idea of doing something useful that doesn’t get counted for bloody CIP hours or something. Now I have to just find something that’s convenient and interesting. Dogs? Kids? The elderly?

4. Yoga. I’ve been interested in this for a little while now. Not interested enough to actually do any useful research, alas, but I figure this is a way to begin reading a bit more about Indian Culture (note the capitals). I never got through the book I borrowed on the country’s history, but it strikes me as particularly dense not to learn a bit more about my own religion and background. I feel like an inadequate representative of the culture here in the United States.

Yes, I’m quite enamored of this idea of a work-life balance.

And finally, this is one the view from outside my apartment. It is a cat in the window. I like to think it was surveying its territory. 

One thought on “Plans.

  1. Check out half price bookstore. They have so many amazing books (fiction and non-fiction) going for $1-$2. I come out everytime with 4-5 books and it would have cost me less than $15.

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