Build a Band


Which of these are not real band names?

Defiance, Ohio
Take Two And Call in the Morning
Fries and a Shake
Chicken Monkey Surrogate
Modest Mouse
Limited Protocol Engagement
An Array of the Parameters
Not Unusual Behavior

My “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan” Pandora station had to be renamed; I think it vaulted past the boundaries of “fusion” into the uncharted territories of aural bewilderment. Still fun to listen to while coding.

But this has led to some distraction. It was a slow day at work (all right, all right, I was slacking off) and I mentioned to V how some bands just had the most incomprehensible names. So I came up with a few and have presented them for your entertainment. I imagine “Fries and a Shake” to be a sort of retro hipster music theme, and I don’t want to think about what Chicken Monkey Surrogate does in its free time not performing to drunken souls.

What are your favorite weird band names?


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