Progress! Of a Kind

Yeah, this whole “write as often as I can, every day” thing isn’t really having the intended effect. Although to be fair, I’ve been moderately regular with my other blog, a collection of musings on science and technology news.

Part of my recent endeavors have been closely related to that blog. It sounds a bit pompously mysterious — which isn’t really the intention — but as Watson would say about Holmes, I prefer to keep my investigations quiet until I arrive at an answer.

I wish I could say outwardly exciting things have been happening in my life, but that wouldn’t be true. Except an extravagant but completely worthwhile trip to New York that coincided with my birthday. The depression of turning 25 and not yet being an awesome human being was quite fully mitigated by trips to several museums and the excellent company of college friends. These are the kinds of people you want around you all the time — the kind of people you won’t see in a while but who make it incredibly easy to resume as though you’ve never been apart. I missed them already, when I landed on the 20th. Basically I spent my birthday crossing time zones and half the United States, but it was worth it, certainly.

And then I saw DINOSAURS.

Work is ticking along fine now that I’m fairly established in my routines and in the products I should be churning out. I’m even leaving work after 9 hours instead of 11! That’s progress of a kind, surely. But the ennui of working at the same thing, seeing only incremental results and waiting around for other people’s data and meetings is tiring. I don’t suppose I’m out of the student mentality quite yet, where I expect everything to be done in three to six months. I knew I wasn’t cut out for research-based worked, damn it.

On the other hand, the number of things I’ve learned (not too deeply, though) about a variety of things is mind-boggling.

Progress on book-reading, alas, is glacial. I’m determined to finish the one on the history of the atomic bomb, but then I still have Greene’s Elegant Universe to get through. It’s not that it’s hard — he’s an excellent writer, so comprehension isn’t the issue — but the sheer novelty of the ideas and their number makes it hard. Not exactly light reading.

Besides this, of course, there are the sci-fi anthologies, A Visit From the Goon Squad, and a Michael Chabon, if I’m getting it right. My weekends, literarily speaking, are going to be packed this next few weeks. Not that I’m complaining.

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