The Raghu Dixit Project Live

When I saw Raghu Dixit’s music videos, for some reason, I imagined him as a jolly, benign singer with a full-bodied voice that could bring the house down. What I didn’t imagine was that he would be charming, hilarious and self-deprecating and so very earnest about his music. In fact, the entire crew from the Raghu Dixit project were insanely talented and professional — and what more can you ask from a performing group, really?

I never expected to meet a band that would sound even better live. I mean, when you hear one of the Project’s sounds, you think oh there’s some really interesting stuff,  brilliant vocals and violin, excellently matched percussion, fantastic guitar. In Yoshi’s in the city, which is intimate but not claustrophobic, there’s even more energy to the music. I didn’t even believe it was possible until I witnessed it.

This photo, sadly, does not do justice to their sartorial choices. There were colours. Many of them. And they pulled it all off.


Anyone who wasn’t up on their feet dancing (and I and Nh certainly were) at the of the night, when they finished with Mysore se aayi, is a curmudgeonly soul not deserving of the experience.

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