Monday, August 12

A pig and a chicken walk into a bar –

– oh no, wait, that’s something else.

Today was day 1 of my scrum master certification training.

In case you thought software engineering was about screwing up your face to adopt a constipated look while staring at screens with green characters scrolling down, Matrix-style, you’re wrong. It’s about scoping, planning, following test-driven practices and ultimately giving a demo of your achievements to your customers. A little bit less like a blockbuster, basically.

I’m surprised to find how non-useless this class is turning out to be. We’ve been learning some essential practices that are really giving me a better perspective on what “agile” methodology is. The instructor, however, seems to be a bit calcified on matters not pertaining to Agile; according to him, developers would never make good scrum masters because they were lacking in the people-skills department. While I’d say that was true of maybe 40% of the people I know in engineering, it certainly isn’t true for the remaining 60%. Blanket statements are one of my (many) pet peeves.

Tomorrow we get to learn more about scoping and estimation. While that sounds roughly as dry as  the Gobi desert, I’m hoping it’ll help my own project get itself into some sort of shape other than “let’s stand around the table arguing about what we need to do and then giving up because we’re running out of meeting time.”

But hush! Let us not end on talk of processes and products. Let us instead end on a note of joy.

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