The Part Where I Mess Up Checks For The Next Few Weeks

This is absurd. I could’ve sworn 2013 just started. 

At first, I held on to the slim hope that by writing my resolutions somewhere and making them (semi) public, I’d be shamed into following them. Not even the threat of (sort of) public embarrassment has sufficed to make me cling to them. So I’m going to stop calling them “resolutions” and call them my collective “wishlist” instead.

Things I am going to attempt to do sometime this year: 

  1. Write more. This turns out to be a more sustainable action when I’m not, in fact, prepping and/or researching for various things. 
  2. Exercise more. This is a tough one, because until I actually find myself running or hitting a badminton shuttle or lifting a weight — until I’m actually in the act of doing something that can be constituted as exercise — I vehemently oppose the idea. No, that’s not true. I love anticipating how good it’ll feel when I’m done. 
  3. Eat healthier. Considering that the first things I ate on Jan 1 were chocolate and donuts, I have some catching up to do on this one. I do, however, have 364 days left. 
  4. Challenge myself. I posit that several recent occurrences, including interviewing for new jobs/positions, buying a car, and driving said car increasing distances around the Bay Area, all contribute to this endeavor. In fact, I can’t seem to help getting myself into challenging situations. This may, in retrospect, be a poor idea. 

In truth, the only obstacle standing in the way of my utterly decimating this list and proclaiming myself a badass is… laziness. This is often counteracted by guilt and/or shame. I also am not remotely competitiveness. This means that if my friends and I all had a competition of resolutions — hey! I bet there’s an app for that! — I would concede gracefully before the contest even started. 

Thankfully, I am my own worst critic. So here’s hoping that my sense of self-worth kicks me in the butt a sufficient number of times to get me to stumble across the finish line of 2014, a fitter, slimmer, more accomplished human being. 


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