Vacation 2014: Part 2

Checking out of our little cottage the next day in Katoomba, we take one last look around Echo Point and The Three Sisters. Wentworth Falls is pretty, but not gushing with water, so after all that walking we find a place to eat. Mountain High Pies serves vegetarian pies as well as the more traditionally carnivorous ones. These are so satisfying that we buy six more (they have a discount price) to take home for the next day. This turns out to be a slight mistake because after we gorge ourselves on pie, we have zero incentive to even look at any in the near future.

Saturday morning is kayaking day for me and the brother. A tiny, difficult-to-find shop (despite a passer-by’s cheerful “And it’s the white building, you can’t miss it!” assessment). Unlike epic two hour Perth ocean kayaking, this is more a leisurely jaunt and a running commentary on lifestyles of the rich and revoltingly famous. 


Post-kayaking is trip to Taronga Zoo, which manages to pack a variety of animals from various continents into a modestly sized area. Usual Australian suspects there, reminding us that nearly all the most inventively dangerous animals are located in this continent. But we also caught sight of this little fellow…



(All together now: Awww)

Mandatory Sydney Opera House trip: as I suspected, less stunning in person. All wide curves and arch angles, but can’t really appreciate the architecture of a building that closely, especially when you’ve paid $35 for an hour’s worth of parking without actually attending any performances. Still, views over the harbor are beautiful at night.



Selfies were taken. Parents were banned from using the word “selfie” ever again. 

One of the last things we did before driving the car back to the airport was walk around Bondi Beach. Beyond these points lies… well, pretty much nothing, for a long while. 



Damn, what a country. Something for nearly everyone to do, although I’d say if you’re a outdoorsy person you’d enjoy yourself substantially more. One big minus point of the trip was the lack of any time — or serious inclination — to explore the Aboriginal origins of Australia. It would’ve been impractical of course to go and hike out in the bush and listen to Dreamtime stories, but I would’ve taken even a fairly sanitized culture tour. If chance ever arises, will put that on the top of my list. 

This post is a series I’m challenging myself with – the Five Minute Tale. The goal is to get back into writing a little bit, every day, so that I never lose touch with it. 

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