“Chai Tea” Part 1

Qu’elle horreur! I missed yesterday’s post, but I’m making up for it today. 

I usually find it difficult to explain why I like fusion music, especially if it’s Indian fusion music. It’s not like B/K/Tollywood soundtracks don’t include everything from orchestral backgrounds to African choruses (Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola)  and blues (“Adiye”) and rock (“Sadda Haq”). And the occasional touch of EDM, and a little dance and club music (by “little” I mean “a lot”, hello Cocktail I’m looking at you). In fact, there probably isn’t a single soundtrack these days that’s wholly Indian, which makes sense given our current musical context.

The best part of this all is, it’s not even a modern phenomenon. Here’s “Eena Meena Deeka” from the 1980s movie Aasha.

I don’t know how precisely to classify that — swing? jazz? blues? —  but it sure isn’t classical Indian.

And this is just color film! There’s one specific Sivaji Ganesan song that I was looking for, where he’s playing a sarcastic, Indian version of some pompous colonial English song. Or at least that’s my memory of the scene.

Oh, here’s an example!

It’s a 1968 movie, so still not the fifties range I was looking for, but just listen to it. Even her intonation’s more Western; no one traditionally trained in any kind of Indian singing would use a vibrato. What is this, big band? Definitely not classical Indian.

All right, this one’s for the 2.5 readers of this blog: Does anyone have any examples of older Indian “fusion” music? Or at least film songs that borrowed heavily from Western musical ideals of the time?


2 thoughts on ““Chai Tea” Part 1

  1. You have to listen to the Goldspot version of Ina Mina Dika. It’s all kinds of awesome. Unable to paste the link from my phone for some reason, but it’s on YouTube. Even the video is very cool (I ❤ the dancer in that video).

    1. I was three seconds away from talking about Goldspot’s version of the song! Also I have heard of your love for this dancer – I agree, she’s cute 😀

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