Video Entertainment

I’ve just finished watching two things on TV that couldn’t have been more different. One was part of an episode of Game of Thrones, and the other was the movie Twelve Angry Men.

I always knew GoT was steeped in sex and violence but I was still astonished. In part of one episode, I saw: scenes at a “house of pleasure”, two instances of incest (one implied), and one seduction. Someone while talking about GoT today mentioned a BBC broadcast of a breaking news alert that there was to be zero nudity in the next episode of GoT, which turned out to be a joke article, but which sort of proves my point.

The thing is, I’m not impressed by this universe of in-your-face humanity, intimacy and gore. Maybe it’ll take me some time to understand the intricacies of the politics surrounding GoT but the throwaway lines that treat women like chattel? Nope. Still not buying it.

Now, Twelve Angry Men is a movie I’d been wanting to watch for a while. Apparently all it is, is a movie about twelve jurors deciding the fate of the accused. You’d think something like that — especially something that was made in 1957 — would be deadly slow going but it’s riveting. Eleven of the jurors believe the man is guilty; only one has a reasonable doubt. You already sort of know what the outcome will be, but the way the evidence is sifted and the men cross-examine each other make this fully worth the 1.5 hours the movie takes.

Interesting stuff.

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