Some Days Nothing Happens

Unfortunately, some days, nothing happens except work. Yoga happened today as well, but it went as well as it usually does — no headstand was accomplished, but some extra credit poses were achieved. I am sore, considering eating more food things, and looking forward to sleeping in on the long weekend.

Usual human being things, very un-blog-worthy.

I happened to mention to my colleague at work during lunch that I had a hankering to see bits of Europe. I told him I had a week, and he glared at me disbelievingly.

“Well, ideally, I’d like to spend a few years there,” I said, “but I’m not sure my job will still be waiting for me when I get back.”

He outlined a plan to start from Paris and wind up at Nice and then travel along the French/Italian coastal areas. And then he spent ten minutes showing me Google map pictures, which didn’t help my restlessness. Another colleague, who’s from Eastern Europe, tried to sell me on Germany, Hungary, Poland and Croatia. A third colleague impressed me with the urgency of going now before things like family and work things intervened, and then mentioned the Tuscan region and Italy in general.

The only reason no one else chipped in was because they, unlike me, were actually doing their jobs.

So now I’m restless and confused about where I want to go.

Which is fine. I have a little time.

*expectant music*


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