Godiva Voices

There are three male Indian singers I know of whose voices are, for lack of a better word, chocolatey. They could collectively recite Mein Kampf and I’d be captivated. In the range of voices that fall between chocolate as in Hershey’s and chocolate as in Lindt, they’re definitely on the Godiva-Lindt range. 

That should be a thing. The Godiva-Lindt Vocal Scale. 

The first is Rashid Khan, Hindustani vocalist: 

The second is Vijay Prakash, of Manmohini fame: 

[FYI: This song really confuses me because the way it starts has almost nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of the it. Why do elaborate useless raga, Vijay Prakash? Why??]

And the third is Papon: 

As it happens, I’ll soon be attending a concert featuring Papon, so I can experience that melty voice in person. Pre-emptive swoon. 


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