Happy Birthday, Murrica!

The moment I realized I would like this country was when I opened a SkyMall. It was full of insane things that solved problems no one even knew they had. Despite this country’s numerous shortcomings, it’s still an interesting, kooky, country that’s struggling towards — well, if not greatness, then decent standards of living.

Also it’s the place where I really grew up and made some of my closest friends too, so there’s that.

I woke up very late, watched Brazil crush Columbia’a football hopes and dreams over a three hour lunch, watched The Monuments Men, attended a July 4th party with illegal fireworks and super powered private drones, ate far too much Brie, and played Cards Against Humanity.

Every CAH game I’ve played has a house rule which involves a Rando — a pretend player who plays a random card from the deck.

This time, Rando won the entire game.

I’m just going to say that any country in which a game like CAH can get produced and expanded through Kickstarter is a country I’m happy to be living in.

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