Santa Cruz Pt 2, Sunday

Lying at the beach yesterday, we saw:

  1. A Hitchcockian flock of pelicans chasing after schools of fish
  2. A pod of dolphins — my favorite animal! — cutting sleekly through the water, feet from the shore
  3. A seal, which looked like it was either lost or like its friends had decided they’d had enough of its obnoxiousness and had left it behind. 

The animal theme continued through the day. The beach was full of dogs, none of which were mine, alas. But when we got to the friend’s house we were staying at, we were introduced to an amiable, venerable old dog. There were also two cats, which made me slightly nervous because I’m allergic to them, especially in enclosed spaces. 

One of them nearly gave me a series of minor heart attacks when I tried to go to sleep. I’d feel a sudden, gentle pressure on the foot of the bed, open my eyes, and see a small dark shape swishing its tail. The first time I actually said “No, cat!” and wiggled my toes to indicate it should leave the bed, and by extension, me, alone. I repeated this when the cat clambered on again for the second time, this time without the vocalization. The last time I woke to find the cat a foot away from my face and adopting a determined posture. I believe I flapped my hands or shook my blanket at it, but it finally got the hint.

The next morning I tried to make up with the cat but it was having none of it. 

Today the theme was food. Our barbecue started at 3, when people began slowly eating away at the pile of food, and ended after 8.30. I had my grilled veggies and fake hot dog, but there was also a mountain of meat, roasted corn, guac, bacon-wrapped dates with blue cheese, sangria and wine-smoothies. And for dessert, we had home made zucchini bread, and grilled pineapple with rum sauce and coconut ice cream.

There were no pictures. I think we were too busy eating to take them. 

Weekend: successful. 



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