“Brazil’s Next Sponsor Is 7-Up”

It’s always more fun when you’re not rooting for any particular team.

I would’ve bet pretty much all the money in my bank that today’s game would go into penalties and that whoever won would’ve won by a miracle or lucky happenstance. Guess I still had a few dollars left for coffee at the end of today.

  After goal number five by Germany my colleague, who’d lived a few blocks from the stadium while in Brazil, just gave up and went back to work. “I can’t watch this,” he said, sadly wearing his Brazil cap from the last World Cup. The thing was just a massacre. It did, however, spawn some memes. Which just goes to show you that some of the best humor is drawn from tragedy.

And my personal favorite:

By the way, I want to state for the record that I have the World’s #1 Roommate. While I was sprawled on a chair writing this post, she vacuumed my room too, while doing the living room.

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