Tech and Tradition

This article from Hacker Newsletter is pretty interesting to me in that it’s a nice intersection of culture and programming. The piece argues that if you’re making your page accessible to users who aren’t North American Caucasian, your “first name, last name” convention is going to be woefully inadequate.

I’m impressed that they had a couple of South Indian naming examples. There were also some good points: what happens when you sort international naming systems? Whose name would you sort by – first or family? And if it’s family, how would you split the name string so that you have something like a last name proxy?

Confusion to users should be kept to a minimum. This means that your assumptions should either change , or not exist. I am sometimes confused when people ask me about my last name because, technically, it’s my dad’s given name. My dad’s name is even more confusing, if you’re not used to ::.

Anyway the point is: the world is more complex than first name-last name!

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