Weekend, Whew

The sole reason I haven’t posted at all is because I had such a packed weekend that I fell asleep blearily before I had the time or energy to post. Do I sound a little smug? Maybe I sound a little smug. 

Friday Night

I was invited to a company picnic type thing with a couple of my friends. I was promised a ferris wheel ride and go-karts. Sadly, neither happened: every crevice was jammed with small children, people eating food, and free t-shirts that were not my size, making it difficult to navigate around and wait in lines. It was a little claustrophobic, I won’t deny it. 

Still, I had fun walking around critiquing the food and the band with my friends, who were so young “their parents came to pick them up”. 

Saturday Afternoon 

I found myself in roughly the last place I expected to be: recipient of an extra ticket to, of all things, an arcade expo. Video games aren’t really my thing so I didn’t expect to be entertained, but boy, was I entertained. For the first time I played Pac-Man, Mario, and a couple of space games. It’s funny but you can’t help appreciating the art and effort that went into these things. The tactile nature of the games makes it even more fun. 

Saturday evening

Potluck dinner! Telestrations! X-Men 2! 

Telestrations is a hilarious game that is like the telephone game where the original phrase is warped after you whisper-pass it down a line — except with pictures and guessing. So, somehow, “under the table” became “Jack in the Box burger flipper”. Some of those drawings worked way too well. And some of them were not quite PG-13. 

Telestrations could be quite accurately renamed Naturalistic Abs Workout Through Uncontrollable Laughter. 

Sunday morning: showdown with Comcast

The night before our World Cup watch party, we realized that our set top box had a few issues: 

  1. It wasn’t powering on 
  2. It didn’t have HD capability 
  3. We only have one input which needed to be split between cable and internet, and we didn’t have a splitter

We trekked over to the Comcast service center on Sunday morning, and managed to actually resolve this in a reasonable manner, for five extra bucks a month. Apparently when you show up and speak to them in person they’re a little less likely to treat you horrendously. 

Sunday afternoon: World Cup Final

I think this afternoon will be memorable not just for the fact that the team I was supporting won the Cup, but for the sheer amount of food we consumed. When I say that there were bagels, jalapeño poppers,  cream cheese and crackers, a chicken thingy in hot sauce, and chips and salsa, I’m giving you more of an introduction to what was available. 

Anyway, the company was great and the (international) football was excellent so I was happy.  

Sunday evening: Papon live!

This was not so much Papon live! as Papon comes on stage 1.5 hours late because the organizers are assholes who not only held a pre-show with dances without informing the audience but almost forced us to pledge donations on their Facebook page and then presented every single co-sponsor with bouquets on-stage, before going straight to intermission… all without a single appearance from the East India Company. 

Papon and his band, however, made up for all of that. And then some. 

I have a list of his songs here but the memorable ones are easy to note: Dinae DinaeTokari, and Mast Qalandar all come to mind. The bihu dance songs, traditional Assamese music, were all excellent. I also want to note that I nearly fell out of my chair when Papon announced that Naina Laagey, one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artistes (Midival Punditz) was his creation. Basically the aural equivalent of a brownie sundae. 

At the end of the concert, Papon had practically every Assamese person in the front of the auditorium, dancing, while he and his fantastic band members played variations on bihu music. The man is a born performer. I didn’t think it would be possible but I like his music even more now that I’ve seen him live. 

And then we all drove home and I collapsed into bed like a tired, happy person. 

The End!

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