Portland Continued

This city is maddening: on top of having excellent food and drink, it also has an enviably efficient public transport system that actually works on time, fairly frequently. And yet the weather is, frankly, miserable. 

This morning I tried to go on a walk/run. Within minutes, I was damp. Even through the waterproof jacket. The pervasive moistness is just remarkable. A friend has a theory that the reason Portland has such good — well, everything — is because people have got to find something to do with their indoor time. 

This is when you get the sort of dedicated madness that was this patisserie we stopped at. 

We commandeered a booth at a cool bar/restaurant to watch the democratic debates, which were interestingly contentious. That’s not saying much, of course, since they weren’t the republican debates. About the most I can say about the debates is “quite a lot of rhetoric happened”. 


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