Midweek Musing

Am horrified to discover that

a) it is only Wednesday and I’m exhausted

b) it’s already Wednesday and I haven’t been very good about posting.

a) might be contributing to b), but I can give my loyal readers a literary update: I have finished book 2 of Ngaio Marsh’s Inspector Alleyn series. As it always happens, when I find a complex character who is smart and conflicted, I immediately develop a literary crush on them.

Literary crush: the wistful longing of wanting a fictitious character to be a real person.

Anyway, my theory that Nigel (the journalist and protagonist) has a tiny little boy crush on Alleyn has been borne out:

I was a bit disgruntled. He made me feel such an ass and—and I do admire him so very much.

It’s not clear to me whether Alleyn is meant to be physically attractive, but Marsh does a damn fine job of describing some of his features:

…his mouth, generously large and curiously folded in at the corners, was a joy to newspaper cartoonists.

It’s happened in both these mysteries that Alleyn, who might be a closeted masochist, makes the murderer re-enact some parts of their crimes in order to catch them out. I wonder if this is a habit.

Only one way to find out.


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