Fix Bug, Make Bug

Today was a day for learning about regression testing.

I was going to write that our systems aren’t particularly complicated, but when it takes you a while to read, understand and appreciate the design patterns that we use, and then trace the chain of logic that leads from three different services into a response, I don’t suppose you can call it simple, either.

We need to build — or adopt, or actually use — functional and regression tests. What we need are systems that can auto-build and auto-deploy to auto-test in production. There’s a bigger issue of how many of the flows we can actually test automatically, because our responses don’t contain any traces of the logic flows.

What I’d like, of course, is to have a giant dashboard where I can point to a pool, generate traffic, and just let loose. Oh, and be able to generate a certain percentage of traffic that’s cached and a certain percentage that’s not.

(Yet) another idea for our innovation Fridays.

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