I should remember that the Wachowski siblings have a habit of making things that I think I’ll hate.

Except the Matrix series. I’ll always love those.

I was remembering that I liked Cloud Atlas despite the strangeness and potential stupidity of the trailer (reincarnation? Really? It barely worked in Bollywood). So while flipping through my Netflix queue and discarding Arrow (reluctantly) I decided to watch a couple episodes of Sense8*.

Holy crap.

It’s not quite Utopia but it’s gripping, certainly. Every character’s role, while not equally well explored at this juncture, seems important. There’s a high representation of the queer community, and the international characters seem not to be stereotypically represented.

A side note on that. Kala’s character is sweet, really, but also rather naive. Even if she is a young, cosmopolitan, educated girl who likes going to the movies, believing that she needs to be in love with her future husband — who wooed her primarily traditionally — is a little ridiculous.  I don’t think many Indian women who are brought up conservatively actually buy into that. They also don’t have monologues with Lord Ganesha, but that’s a different story.

But maybe the Wachowskis wanted to show the sharp imbalance between the idea of Bollywood, passion and poetry, and the traditional cultural dictates of the lives of most ordinary Indian women.

Whatever it is, they have a certain sympathy with all their characters. The black-white conflict in Chicago is ugly and perhaps a little too heavy-handed but it feels even more ominous now, with BlackLivesMatter.

I’m deeply interested to find out what happens with the government conspiracy/forced lobotomy thing (it’s difficult to explain).

House of Cards is back this Friday but I might just spend the rest of my weekend watching Sense8, too…


*Well, no. I decided to watch one episode of Sense8, which rapidly turned into two.


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