Absolute Power

So House of Cards is back.

We had a tiny watch party yesterday, four of us on our couch + ottoman, with popcorn and various beverages. I am not, of course, so cruel that I’d reveal anything about the first two episodes we watched to my 1.73 readers, but I can confirm that the cinematography is excellent.

Potential spoilers — depending on how much you’ve seen — are under the cut.

Robin Wright, as always, is brilliant at playing Claire Underwood. The truly remarkable thing about her though is her ability to play someone who’s capable of feeling powerful emotions, but equally capable of masking it entirely — except to the audience, in glimpses.

I would be the first to admit, though, that I’m not entirely sure what happened last season, and why. She knew Frank would be the one to run for President, the one with the power to appoint her ambassador, the one to take part of the fall if she failed. And she did fail: she resigned as ambassador and her inexperience in the role was never clearer. So I’m not entirely sure how she thought she’d been betrayed by her husband.

As a couple who knows each other’s every secret, and has colluded in ghastly plans, it’ll be deeply interesting to see how they turn they claws on each other, as Netflix puts it.

Also, I just realized that Robin Wright was in both The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, as well as — get this — The Princess Bride. As Buttercup.

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