Is it really only Wednesday?

Whenever I’m not paying attention to some aspect of my life, it sproings! into action and goes haywire.

Last Friday, it was “losing our place in our apartment complex”.

For reasons unknown, the management has decided to make “necessary upgrades” to the place and gave us notice by means of taping a piece of paper to our door. The piece of paper helpfully did not mention our actual move out date, so when we checked, we were slightly stunned to find that it was less than two months out. That’s about 6 weeks to find a place, move our stuff out, and move our stuff in to the other place.

So much of the weekend and the last several days have been all about scoping out the options online and calling people and driving around randomly to see the places we’re interested in. We’re already walking several tightropes of preference between size, location, condition, price, the management…

We’ll find a place, no doubt. I just resent the dubious legality of this whole things. I also resent being hustled out of somewhere we’ve been faithfully staying at for upwards of two years.

I’ll be sad to go (though I won’t miss the management). This neighborhood is excellent, I love running on the trail behind our place, there are so many good food options nearby, and the groceries stores are practically next door. Also, I could walk to work. I guess that American dream is about to die.

Well, maybe we’ll have more space and nicer neighbors where we move? That’s the goal anyway.



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