Jul 31 2016

Gentle 1.24 readers! I have resurfaced, and my excuse this time is that I had a 11 week online course and then Work Stuff. I’ve been up to quite a lot, including a trip to New Orleans, a trip to Austin, a performance of Carmen, and celebrating my birthday several times with multiple groups of people.

Next week I’m traveling to Germany for the first time, for what is ostensibly a work trip split into two parts but what is probably going to be FUN ADVENTURE TIME for me. The first week is a conference, followed by a week at the work office, but there should be more than enough time to take in some museums and a few Hefeweizens along the way.

I also had the opportunity to finally taken in (half of) a performance of Shakespeare in the Park, specifically The Winter’s Tale. This is the production infamous for the line “Exit, chased by a bear”. Where and why a bear would have turned up in a tropical country like Bohemia is anybody’s guess. This production featured not one but three actors in the role of bear. It later turned out that the “bear” was a bear head and two paws, all operated by the three “bear actors”.

My favorite part of that scene was the man eaten by the bear, screaming “I am gone forever!” as he is dragged offstage.



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