a brief bio

I guess it’s high time I actually updated this thing. So I used to be a university student who graduated with degrees in Computer Engineering and a specialised liberal arts program. Well, I mean, I still have those degrees of course, but I no longer sleep over at the engineering building, trying not to pull my hair out.

The hair-pulling, however, continues apace since I am now a programmer in California (where the hell else). It feels so cliched and unbelievable to say that, but I’m actually here, in the land of gold and technology and where saving funds come to die, if the style of living is any indication. In summer I sometimes have to wear my jacket to work in the mornings. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that after Austin, Death Valley V 2.0.

I was born and brought up in Singapore. Not many people believe me when I say that though – not even fellow Singaporeans. I’m also Indian, but I’ve never lived in India. So I’m either very displaced or very cosmopolitan.

I tend to think a lot, and very often I think too much (the side effect of this is, when I get bored, which is often, I’m very good at keeping myself occupied). This blog is where some of my more coherent ramblings end up. I write about lots of random things – including good books, awesome sci-fi, music, conspiracy theories involving aliens, and chocolate – in an attempt to sound vaguely intelligent. I try (try) not to write anything personal, because that’s usually a disaster waiting to happen.

Not many people read this, which is probably a good thing! Still, I like being anonymous. Ever since my FB-syncup happened, I am not really all that anonymous. However, I have a pair of very large sunglasses which my friends laugh at. I like to think it translates into endearing mysteriousness.


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