Wish List

Every August, when I lived in Singapore, I’d keep a furtive lookout for this magazine. It was big, a pile of beautiful images and colors and the snazziest sounding names outside of Scandinavia. It was almost like a novel in the way I got to use my imagination with it. I’d either make extensive lists of which items I’d get for myself in the future, or think up elaborate plans for getting my parents to buy them.

Ikea magazines for me in the 1990s were the food porn for everyone else today. Actually they still are.

Happily, however, I have now determined that I have the financial means to indulge myself in furniture if I so choose.


Well, obviously, if I’m going to own all the books ever, I need somewhere to stash them. Ideally I’d lie to install wall-to-wall bookshelves and sit in the middle in an oversize armchair and gloat, but I figured this would at least be a step in the right direction:


For the last five years, I’ve had to put up with miserable dorm-issue twin size beds that leave you just enough room to roll over and fall down, or a surplus mattress/frame that has single-handedly given me all the back pains in the world. No more! I shall now get an actual bed. Only stipulation: must have a headboard. For reading in bed, obviously.


I’d like to think I’m capable of being productive at home, although now I won’t really have homework anymore, that’s going to be a bit of a stretch. Still! One needs some kind of location at which one can sit and look semi-important, so one is looking out for a desk. Like this one:


Never in my life have I ever needed anything to keep me warm at night, since Singapore tends to fluctuate around 80-100 degrees F. So the concept of a comforter was also entirely beyond me. But now I figure I can save money on heating and such if I can just stop trying to acclimatize myself to Singapore weather!

Apparently there is such a thing as comforter terminology; if anyone is aware of what a “sham” is, please let me know. I am fond of this one because it’s bright and look! It’s like having two comforters in one!

I am easily satisfied and don’t have exactly lavish tastes or anything. Not that you couldn’t tell.

My next post, however, will probably focus on cool tech gadgets that I can buy. E.g. a smartphone to replace the stupidphone that I have right now. It’s so basic it can’t even take pictures.

Speaking of which, I’m also looking forward to putting up the photos I’ve been taking with my brand new Canon PowerShot A490. When the laptop arrives and the software installation is complete, the laptop will also feature in this blog, showcased in a pretentious array of artistic shots.

Why no, I am not at all materialistic. Why do you ask?