Guzaarish: The Music

I was introduced to the music over Thanksgiving, but I didn’t go back to listen to it until just recently, and I’m slowly falling in love. Apparently this is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s first attempt at music directing, and he hasn’t done too badly at all. In fact, I think it’s almost on par with Saawariya, which I adored for a long time (still do).

Tera Zikr

I could probably loop this forever. I believe the raagam is Mohanam, but I’m not too sure about that. Either way it’s lovely and light, happy without being in-your-face cheerful. Shail Hada is also the man behind the Saawariya title song, by the way, so there’s even more reason for me to love him now. Listen to the line that begins Sholon ki tarah; it’s worth going back to it again.


This is a little sweet, a little saucy. I love the Spanish-like sounds (Bhansali says it’s Portuguese influences from Goa) — the hollow drums, the guitars, Vibhavari Joshi’s voice. Best part, for me: the bit where she draws out the saiba, saiba, saiba. Lovely.


I’ll admit that I got a little more interested in this song after I saw the video for it, but it’s charming in its own right. It’s sprightly enough, though I wish there was a little more variation in the melody; Sunidhi Chauhan seems a bit of a heavyweight here.

I like some others as well — Chand Ki Katori, for Harshdeep Kaur’s (Ik Onkar) voice and its striking depth once she hits the upper registers; Sau Gram Zindagi, for Kunal Ganjawala; and Keh Na Saku, for its earnestness.

Dunno about the movie, but the album’s definitely worth a listen.